Insurance Claim Process for Roofing Tennessee

Additional Information

Was your property recently damaged by a storm, fire, or other type of peril? If so, we recommend finding a contractor to assist you in handling your insurance your claim.  We offer free inspections so that you can be sure your home qualifies for loss compensation, or a total loss,  before you file a claim. (A word of caution relating to this,  always watch someone inspecting your roof. Adjusters are well trained to spot fraud even as simple as manipulating shingle damage. It is impossible to manipulate weather and if you or your contractor get caught, you may get hit with extra deductibles all the way up to criminal charges. Adjusters tell us everyday that this is a growing problem and we are always transparent with our customers about it)  If you have leaks, or possible leaks, we also offer tarp service that can usually be reimbursed by your insurance carrier.  After temporary repairs have been made, we can assist you in filing a claim, if you haven't already. Typically, we set a time to meet with the adjuster and after they inspect, we try to come to an agreement on damages to the property and a fair payout for the claim. We have been handling claims for over 10 years and have worked with countless private, public, independent, and staff adjusters at most of the companies out there that insure home owners and commercial property. We use Xactimate software and are fully in compliance with insurance billing processes. If you have any questions pertaining to an insurance claim or roofing, feel free to give us a call.